Bug in FIRFilter ?

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Bug in FIRFilter ?

Post by M_Spueler » 03 Dec 2010, 07:26

Just wanted to know if this is a bug in FIRFilter or only a problem with my setup. I generated Filter coefficients with matlab and the output of FIRFilter looks completly different than i expect it to be.

changing following line

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result[sample] = inner_product( &mFilter[channel][0], &mFilter[channel][filterLength-1], &mBuffer[channel][sample], 0 );

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result[sample] = inner_product( &mFilter[channel][0], &mFilter[channel][filterLength-1], &mBuffer[channel][sample], 0.0);
solved the problem. Seems like there is some internal int casting going on due to the 0

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Post by mellinger » 03 Dec 2010, 09:16

Thanks a lot for reporting this bug.
It was fixed in BCI2000 v3, but still present in v2.1.



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