Configuration in nested matrix

Known Issues and Problems with BCI2000
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Configuration in nested matrix

Post by ariel » 15 Feb 2009, 00:23

I have had problem setting nested matrix:

If I don´t set 5 columns in a matrix in TargetDefinitions (eg. setting 3 or 4) then System Log says:
"P3SpellerTask::Preflight: Application: Index out of range when accessing a parameter value, terminating module."

If I set in TextToSpell a character that exists in the first column (Display) of a matrix in TargetDefinitions but not exists in the second column (Enter) (eg. the configurations on the first row is: Display=1, Enter=<GOTO2>, Size=..., etc; and I set "1"), then System Log says:
"P3SpellerTask::Preflight: TextToSpell contains characters that are not available in menu 1."

I´m runninng BCI200: Source Revision: 2152, Suorce Date: 2008/10/02 18:35:43, Build Date: 2008/10/06 12:45:12.

If I'm doing something wrong please inform and if the problem is solved with new software versions delete the post.



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P3Speller ...

Post by gschalk » 16 Feb 2009, 20:45


Regarding your crash, please update to the most recent version of BCI2000. If the error persists, please post a complete parameter file with instructions on how to reproduce the error.

TextToSpell operates on the second column (Enter) and not on the first column (Display). Thus, you get this error if you define a character that is not in the second column.



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