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2D mu BCIs

Post by Brendan » 23 Jun 2004, 17:44


I am writing to ask the BCI community about 2 dimensional mu BCIs. In a discussion with Gerv Schalk a while back, we agreed that the only two approaches to a 2 dimensional mu BCI in the literature were the Wolpaw lab's work (eg, Wolpaw et al. 1994) and Kostav and Polak 2000, which is similar. However, Scherer et al (2004), a new article from the Pfurtscheller lab in this month's IEEE, also seems to be a 2D mu BCI. left/right cursor movement is controlled by imagined left or right hand movement, and vertical letter scrolling is controlled by imagined foot movement. This is a good article, and of interest because it is a different approach to a mu BCI. It uses different mental imagery (specific movements, while those using the Wadsworth BCI do not), uses a different pattern recognition approach, requires less training, has a different application, etc.

Are these all the 2D mu BCIs out there at present? Please note that BCIs that use movement as well as other mental tasks (such as systems described by Roberts' or Millan's groups) don't count as mu BCIs, as they use other mental tasks that don't affect mu.

For that matter, "mental task" BCIs have come far enough that they merit their own category. The BCI review article (Wolpaw et al. 2002) lumps mental task and mu BCIs together. BCIs based on error activity such as ERNs (see Schalk et al 2000 or Parra et al 2003) are also rapidly developing.

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Post by lenneke » 20 Dec 2004, 08:55


Where can I read your article? And the article you mentioned about (Wolpaw)?

you may email me also peronally if more convenient: lucassen@phil.uu.nl

I am an Cognitive Artificial Intelligence student at Utrecht University, and I want to do my final project about Pong with EEg (website will be: www.eegpong.org).


Lenneke Lucassen


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