BCI2000-based softerware development

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BCI2000-based softerware development

Post by asikzhang » 07 Feb 2023, 08:43

I'm a undergraduate student and these days I need to develop a softerware based on BCI2000. However, I do not know how to merge all BCI Qwindows(operator, signal display, application) in my QT project. I read Appconnector and BCI2000remote demo but these seems can not solve my problems. Can anyone help me ?
thanks for your kind help!

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Re: BCI2000-based softerware development

Post by mellinger » 07 Feb 2023, 10:41


the BCI2000 GUI is not a library. If you want to write your own GUI on top of BCI2000, I suggest you start out with the Operator (OperatorQt) and modify it by adding or removing elements as you see fit.


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