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Post by Manuel_M » 15 Sep 2010, 14:01

I am trying to set up some testing experiments with intracranial patients.
Here is the thing: I would like to present pictures to the patients.
But I can't get the picture displayed on the screen (.bmp or jpg). This is what I did:
In the Application panel, I edited the Stimuli matrix, and in the raw Icon I wrote the path and file name of the picture.
Also I would like to regroup some stimuli during the scanning procedure.
For instance to have picture A and B belonging to the same condition: "picture AB". In the Filtering panel I edited the ElectrodeCondition matrix in different ways but I can't make it working. Even so I read attentively the wiki about this.
Does anyone try to set up any experimental design in Sigfried?
Thanks for the response



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