2D task

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2D task

Post by simona » 26 Jul 2005, 10:23

I would like to try 2D task.
I would like to know if I set well some parametrs because my best subject is well trained in both vertical and horizontal movement, but he couldn't perform 2D task very well. I don't know if the problem is in the training or if there is a mistake in the parameters I use in 2Dbox module.

I was able to get the cursor to move at the desidered speed by setting the the sample block size and the parameters XPixelsPerSecond and YpixelsPerSecond. I also set XTrendControl=2 and YTrendControl=2 to make the cursor move in both X and y directions. The value in the seventh line of the matrix cursor pos is 3.
I also set:
-outcome direction=1
-4raw in the matrix weight control: Xadapt, Yadapt,AdaptCOde, Result code.
-weight use=1

What's wrong?!?

I'm looking forward your answer!!


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D2Box ...

Post by gschalk » 03 Aug 2005, 10:06


I suggest that you load the 2D fragments that are in the parms/fragments directory. They have all relevant parameters set properly. Also, you can find additional information in the BCI2000 User Manual.



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