including resting data with recording

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including resting data with recording

Post by ryanouyang » 15 Jun 2022, 17:35

Hello everyone,

recently started using BCI 2000 for one of our project and we started out with going through the tutorial( ) to familiarize with the controls, however, when we downloaded our data, each session is only 2min long instead of full 5 min, it seems that the recording excludes resting data ( 0), but include the interaction ones( squeezing with right hand and left hand, 1 and 2), is there a way to configure bci2000 to also record resting data for more complete data processing and analysis?

Thank you!


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Re: including resting data with recording

Post by mellinger » 21 Jun 2022, 15:37


BCI2000 will record data for all values of TargetCode, it is not possible to restrict recording to certain values of that.

If you feel you are missing data, you may have got the SamplingRate wrong when considering the number of samples?

Apart from that, I have difficulties understanding what you mean by "downloading". BCI2000 records data to your harddisk, where would you want to download it from?

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