Implementing event markers with BCI 2000

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Implementing event markers with BCI 2000

Post by nguyenmd145 » 30 Jun 2020, 22:09

I am recording EEG signal with Biosemi as a part of my study. My recording session contains different sections such as testing signal, rest, stroop task and arithmetic task. As a result, i would like to mark the start of these sections with a keyboard button, preferably Space, and write down a note about these. I have recorded using Alice5 sleepware and Emotiv recording program, and i can marking events without a problem. However, due to my lack of experience in BCI2000, i still dont know to configurate or set up a script on MATLAB that allow me to do the aforementioned problems.

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Re: Implementing event markers with BCI 2000

Post by mellinger » 01 Jul 2020, 07:52


you need to start the source module with the command line argument "--LogKeyboard=1". Then, the events "KeyDown" and "KeyUp" will record keypresses resp. releases by assuming the Windows virtual key code of the key that was pressed or released. Windows virtual key codes are basically ASCII codes of the letters printed on the keys, and the virtual key code of the space key is decimal 32. So what you want is to look for the state KeyDown == 32 after loading your data into Matlab.

For more information, see ... ging_Input.


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