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Inquiries about BCI2000 installation on windows 10

Posted: 24 May 2019, 00:31
by amalramzi
Hi all,

I need to install BCI2000 on windows 10 or linux to generate r-squared topographic maps only. I have some inquiries about BCI2000:

1- Is the 'Installing and running' section in the following page enough ? ... e_Analysis , or do I still need the prerequisites mentioned here: ... tart_Guide

2- Why in the first link above, it's mentioned that BCI2000 works only on windows xp and or 2000, and in this page they mentioned that BCI2000 can be installed on different OSes: ... tart_Guide

3- I registered to BCI2000 and downloaded the source code and release using the recommended TortoiseSVN, the download is running fine until close to the end of download, an error occurs saying that there is an authentication problem. Why would such an error happen?

Thank you in advance.


Re: Inquiries about BCI2000 installation on windows 10

Posted: 28 May 2019, 11:46
by mellinger

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the first page you mention refers to the BCI2000OfflineAnalysis tool, which is based on Matlab. In order to run a recent version of BCI2000, you will need to compile it yourself, as described in the guide you mention second.

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This is because the first page refers to the BCI2000OfflineAnalysis tool, and the second page refers to the BCI2000 online system. Note that support for non-Windows OSes is not functional at the moment. The code mostly compiles but the resulting executables do not work as they should.

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We do not know why the "authentication error" issue is happening. You can work around it by right-clicking the half-downloaded repository, and choose "Update" from the context menu. If necessary, repeat the process.