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BCI2000 and gUSBamp -

Posted: 16 Jan 2018, 20:15
by edjayrnel

I am attempting to interface the BCI2000 software with my gUSBamp amplifier.

I have a windows 7 64bit machine
My usbamp is a UB model v3.0
I have the 3.0 driver installed and the 3.0 DLL on (and tried it off) in bci2000/progs/
I have been successful when opening the gUSBamp demo. I was able to "open" and "start" the amp and see an EEG signal responsive to change. So I know my setup is working this far.

When I attempt to open the BCI2000Launcher with the gUSBampSource I get the following error:

DataIOFilter::Preflight: gUSBampADC::Preflight: Could not find appropriate notch filter in gUSBamp. Use gUSBampgetinfo tool.

When I run the gUSampgetinfo.exe I get no available bandpass or notch filters (attached picture).

What do you think is going on?