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Operator module configuration. 3 state bar right from each parameter

Posted: 10 Nov 2016, 05:15
by lsegura003

i guess this question has been made before, but i am not able to find it through forums. When we click config in the operator module, we have like 3 selectable states at the right of each parameter. What are this for?

Sorry for the noobish question.

Re: Operator module configuration. 3 state bar right from each parameter

Posted: 13 Nov 2016, 19:51
by pbrunner

the slider with the three selectable states refers tot he user level, which can be beginner, intermediate and advances (see below). This is intended to lock down BCI2000 configuration abilities to only those relevant for a particular user. For example, if you want to avoid that the experimenter makes changes outside of those that he should be able to change. ... tor_Module
On the bottom right, you may specify the global User Level to be one of beginner, intermediate, or advanced. When the user level is set to advanced, a similar ruler control is displayed for each individual parameter in the Parameter Configuration Dialog. For each parameter, its user level is compared to the global user level setting, and the parameter is displayed only if its user level is equal to or below the global setting. Thus, it is possible to simplify the configuration dialog for less experienced users, or for your own convenience, in sitations where full access to configuration options is not necessary. As a typical example, once you have set up a stimulation experiment, you will only change the SubjectName and SubjectRun parameters. Setting these two parameter's user levels to beginner, and leaving the other's at advanced, you may now switch the global user level to beginner, and will only see the two selected parameters displayed in the configuration dialog.
Regards, Peter