New machine, data analysis issues

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New machine, data analysis issues

Post by ALShope » 02 Jul 2016, 19:09


We're currently migrating from a 10-year old horribly-out-of-date system, and are running into issues. The reason for the move was because the old system (running Windows XP and an ancient Lenovo ThinkPad) was simply too old and I, as the new custodian of the system, couldn't tolerate it any longer. If it matters, the new machine is running Windows 7.

Apparently the P300 GUI MATLAB system, which we've been using for years, has now been deprecated and is no longer under development. When we try to run it, even with the same old data, on the new computer, it provides nothing but errors when we attempt to load the data files. The version of MATLAB is the same (R2009b) and the P300 GUI code and all data was copied directly from the old computer to the new.

This would be fine, except the new tool, the P300 Classifier, is apparently unable to load the old data files. Trying to do so yields warnings about corrupted files, even though those same files are read perfectly fine on the old system with the old P300 GUI.

Another issue is that I've downloaded the most recent available distribution of the BCI2000 itself, and the P3Speller application module seems to have changed; instead of flashing letters individually, it now flashes them in rows/columns. This is a problem for the consistency of the trial I am running. The system runs properly if I instead load the P3Speller application module that was running on the old system, but when I do this, the resultant files are unable to be loaded by the new P300 Classifier (more "corrupted" file warnings).

So, a quick summary of my problems:

Old P3Speller + Old MATLAB GUI = Errors in MATLAB GUI
Old P3Speller + New P300 Classifier = "Corrupted" files
New P3Speller + Old MATLAB GUI = Errors in MATLAB GUI
New P3Speller + New P300 Classifier = Works, but doesn't match existing trial protocol

Ideally I'd like to make the Old P3Speller + New P300 Classifier combo work, or else if somebody could instruct me how to reconfigure the New P3Speller to operate like the old one (individual flashes instead of rows/columns) that would be great too.

Also, I'd like to inquire why the visualization functions of the MATLAB P300 GUI were dropped when the P300 Classifier was made?

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