System requirements?

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System requirements?

Post by ALShope » 31 May 2016, 15:20

What are the system requirements for the BCI2000 in the way of RAM and/or processing power? We're looking to replace a 10-year old laptop that we've been using to run the system, as it's on its last legs, and are trying to find the most inexpensive machine that will do the job (it will be running nothing but the BCI2000 and maybe an internet browser every now and then).

I can't imagine the requirements are terribly stringent, but if somebody could provide me with them that would be fantastic.

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Re: System requirements?

Post by pbrunner » 01 Jun 2016, 16:46

Dear ALShope,

pretty much any windows-based laptop that is currently sold should be able to run BCI2000. As for the specific system requirements, for basic applications any system with Windows 7 or newer on an Intel compatible CPU and at least 2GB RAM should work. For example, we have the current release candidate of BCI2000 v3.6 running on 5 years old Intel Core i3 systems. If you are using BCI2000 for research and signal processing application with many channels though, I would recommend that you are going for a faster system than that.

Regards, Peter

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