Ant Neuro Eego

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Ant Neuro Eego

Post by TecMonterrey » 20 Aug 2015, 11:37

Dear all,
Im quite new in BCI2000 but I think is great. Sadly I haven't been able to test it all with my current equipment.

Our laboratory just aquired an Ant Neuro EEgo amplifier, sadly there is still no support on your software for it.
I know there have been some cases of success using the TMi software, sadly it has not been my case. I was wondering if anyone has any pointer on how to start with this. Where to download the TMi.exe that I couldn't compile since some packages are missing.
Every help is more than welcome

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Re: Ant Neuro Eego

Post by pbrunner » 20 Aug 2015, 14:09


at least the ANT asa lab amplifiers [1] were identical to the TMSi amplifiers and thus would work with the BCI2000 TMSi source module (see discussion below).

If the new Ant Neuro EEgo amplifier are not identical anymore to the TMSi hardware, then you would need to program a source module using the EEgo specific SDK from ANT. Depending on the complexity of the SDK and your C++ skill this may be not too difficult to accomplish.

If you decide to pursue this, the first step would be to ask the ANT for this SDK. Please send me a link to the SDK (per private message) and I can give you the general directions on how to integrate the SDK into a BCI2000 source module.

Regards, Peter


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