using BCI with AlphaOmega microguide / neuronav

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using BCI with AlphaOmega microguide / neuronav

Post by siddys » 20 May 2015, 19:07

Hi everyone,
very new to BCI, but I have been reading of its capabilities. I was wondering if
there are users in the group who have been able to interface with alpha omega devices,
specially Microguide and NeuroNav, and would be willing to share their experience
with me? I have the BCI installed on the alpha-omega signal acquisition system, but
wanted some pointers on how to do the interfacing.

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Re: using BCI with AlphaOmega microguide / neuronav

Post by pbrunner » 20 May 2015, 21:43


I assume that you would like to use BCI2000 to acquired and process data from Alpha Omega MicroGuide and NeuroNav devices in real time. To do this the device has to have an interface to stream the data. This can be either an SDK (i.e., a dll and a collection of C++ functions) that provide a direct interface to the device, or a data streaming protocol over UDP or TCP. In the lack of such an interface, people sometimes resort dirty workarounds, such as to read the data file from the disk while it is written by the software. I can advise you that such dirty workarounds are ill-suited for real-time signal processing.

Reading through the prospectus of Alpha Omega, I can see that at least for one device Alpha Omega officially provides a C++ and MATLAB SDK [1]. You will need to touch base with the Alpha Omega support to figure out if they officially or in-officially provide such an interface for the MicroGuide and NeuroNav devices. If they do, we can provide you some advise on how to implement the corresponding BCI2000 source module.

Regards, Peter ... spread.pdf

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Re: using BCI with AlphaOmega microguide / neuronav

Post by boulay » 21 May 2015, 00:35

Hi Sid,

Yes, I do it with the MicroGuide Pro. You need to use its analog outputs if you opted for that feature. I run the analog outputs into a cheap 8-channel 16-bit DAQ [1]. I can send you the BCI2000 source module for that DAQ if you like. It's not really for public distribution because I didn't spend the time making it highly configurable.

I don't know what the NeurNav is.

The NeuroOmega has an SDK and you can access its data as long as your BCI computer can connect to the NeuroOmega through its ethernet port. I haven't done that yet though.

We can talk more outside the forum about acquiring signals from MER systems if you like. I'd like to know more about what you're doing. chadwick.boulay

[1] ... -Plus.aspx

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