New electrode placement configuration (Easycap)

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New electrode placement configuration (Easycap)

Post by MSRU » 01 May 2014, 13:41

Hi :)
How do I specify new replacement channels in BCI2000 please?

I recently turned my EPOC Emotiv in to a new 10-20 configuration by replacing the electrodes and placing them in an EasyCap (e.g. O1 & O2 have been replaced by one Oz and Cz). While I still use the USB dongle (from Emotiv) to receive from the cap, the USB output is no longer using the same channel configuration. How does BCI 2000 wish the new configuration of channels to be labelled and mapped to allow it to correctly know which channel corresponds to which placement on the head please?
I assume the order of channels are expected to be input in a specific order?and that I cant use the current order specified on the Wiki for Emoitv due to new channels being added (e.g. O1 and O2 are no longer there, but two new channels i.e. Oz and Cz are there instead).
Thank you :)
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