Analysis of EEG data for fist clench movements

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Analysis of EEG data for fist clench movements

Post by sumits » 30 Jan 2014, 01:29


We invite comments/suggestions on the videos of scalp maps generated from EEG signals for left and right fist clench movements for trials in various frequency bands uploaded here: ... &flow=grid.

We had recorded EEG signals using the Actichamp System and OpenViBE Acquisition server. The subject was performing repeated left and right hand fist clenching on the appearance of left and right arrows on a computer monitor as a cue. EEG signals from the following electrode positions (FC3, FC1, FCz, FC2, FC4, C5, C3, C1, Cz, C2, C4, C6, CP3, CP1, Cpz, Cp2, Cp4) were recorded.

Our approach is as follows:

1. EEG data from the above mentioned electrodes was recorded and re-referenced w.r.t. reference electrode Fp1. The recording and re-referencing was done in OpenVibe.
2. The data was filtered in the required frequency band and Independent Components Analysis (ICA) was applied to localize the data spatially. This was done in EEGLAB.
3. Plots of the power spectrum for each trial in the time window [-1 sec, 2 sec] (with the marker appearing at zero) were generated at an interval of 1 ms and the images were combined to be viewed as a video.

The links to access the videos in the various frequency bands are as follows (each playlist has videos for 10 trials):

Subject 1, Task: Left Fist Clench
4-7 Hz: ... tC9-8M9xY2

8-13 Hz: ... oSqDdftpqS

15-30 Hz: ... 4Edd6g4KbK

30-60 Hz: ... B1XPtlrfHz

Subject 1, Task: Right Fist Clench
4-7 Hz: ... 8e3WXdS21l

8-13 Hz: ... kKoJRYncK9

15-30 Hz: ... P6--TT8_-3

30-60 Hz: ... Vvlde_6Qkp

Subject 2, Task: Left Fist Clench
4-7 Hz: ... 5jNkPfQ8Ft

8-13 Hz: ... rkRyWYd0kB

15-30 Hz: ... PAFiGUhNYF

30-60 Hz ... tbnysUore3

8-30 Hz: ... aJrHlD3ab8

Subject 2, Task: Right Fist Clench
4-7 Hz: ... L-kE4jSUyF

8-13 Hz: ... gOqDlz_Sgx

15-30 Hz: ... lGxNESC7Ac

30-60 Hz: ... BQ8ZH0n2OQ

8-30 Hz: ... v0abTRiGfN

We would like to analyze the data in terms of common spatial activations for the movement performed in the specific frequency bands. The original data files can be provided on request by sending an email to



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