Using the lpt port

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Using the lpt port

Post by feralaes » 21 Jun 2006, 13:20

Hi, im working with ssvep's and im trying to synchronize two different pc's to register this potentials. One of them has the bci200 and the other one the stimulation platform, presentation.
Ive been working the sync through the parallel port in builder 6 using the commands of the ntport library, it compiles perfet the problem is the linking, the error i get is the following:

"[Linker Error] Unresolved external 'Outport' referenced from C:\C_BCI2000\BCI2000\SRC\APPLICATION\SSVEP\OBK\TASK.OBJ"

where 'Outport' is the instuction for the port to send the byte

Hope you could help me with this or tell me where to search to solve the prob.,

thanks yo!

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"Unresolved external" when calling DLL function

Post by mellinger » 27 Jun 2006, 14:42


the linker error says that you are using a function or variable for which a declaration is available (otherwise, your source would not compile), but no definition exists, so the linker cannot replace references to that function or variable's name with references to its definition (actual code or memory location) in the executable.

Definitions for imported functions are typically provided in small statically linked libraries (lib files) that contain proxy code forwarding to actual DLL functions.
The ntport library should provide a Borland compatible .lib file which you may add to your project in order to resolve the linker error.

If the ntport library does not provide a suitable lib file, Borland's implib tool will create one when you execute the following from the command line:

implib ntport.lib ntport.dll

Hope this helps,


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