Problem connecting with Micromed

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Problem connecting with Micromed

Post by xfarmakh » 19 Oct 2012, 03:13

I'm Cristina and I am posting this because I cannot establish a connection between BCI2000 and Micromed. I use SystemPLUS Evolution 1.04.0098 and the BCI2000 micromedADC module at the same PC. I have added the registry keys needed, in the registry of current user (where as ServerAddress I have put the IP of the PC), and I have configured the parameters as explained in the description given in ... icromedADC.

I try to use the module with a dummy signal processing module and a dummy application, but I also have tried with the P3 signal processing and application, with no difference on the outcome. When I press the button SetConfiguration the following messages appear on the screen:
2012-10-19T09:58:43 - Warning: DataIOFilter::Initialize: MicromedADC::Initialize: Micromed BCI Server listening on port 5000.
2012-10-19T09:58:43 - SignalProcessing confirmed new parameters ...
2012-10-19T09:58:43 - Application confirmed new parameters ...

Then, I press the recording button on SystemPLUS, and after a while (>20 seconds) this message appears:
DataIOFilter::Initialize: MicromedADC::Initialize: Connection failed

I have also tried turning off the firewall but nothing new happened.

Another question: We have the hardware (amplifier and set of electrodes) and the software SystemPLUS on the PC. I was wondering if some extra code or serial number is needed somewhere during the process, although the software has been installed correctly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance


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