Difficulty with P300 system and NeuroScan synamps system

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Difficulty with P300 system and NeuroScan synamps system

Post by azurex » 14 Sep 2011, 21:30

I've been trying to get the Synamps 2 system to work with BCI2000 for quite some time now for the P300 speller. I haven't had any luck though. Nearly all of the correlations reported by the offline analysis tool are on the order of 10E-5 (or worse) and the automatic one simply fails. I'm not sure whether the issue is stemming from signal quality, or some specific options I need to enable in the Neurscan Scan program, or if it's a BCI2000 configuration issue. Or maybe the issue is hardware related. I've tried changing the software version, the acquisition computer, the cap, the Synamps2 system and many different BCI2000 configurations. I'm hoping there is something obvious I've been overlooking... I've attached a typical recorded session. I'll try to answer any questions if you can help me get to the bottom of this.

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