acquiring simultaneously from multiple DAQs

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acquiring simultaneously from multiple DAQs

Post by rflint2 » 07 May 2021, 17:06

I need to acquire data simultaneously from 2 different pieces of hardware: (1) a Blackrock NSP and (2) an EMG unit that plugs in to the host PC's USB. I need these two data streams to be synchronized so that hitting "start" on BCI2000 begins the data acquisition for both pieces of hardware. What is the best setup for achieving this? I can imagine streaming the data across a network connection by specifying the IP address in the batch file, but I have never used that approach. Does that setup combine the data into one single .dat file? I have also recently learned of the --AllowMultipleInstances command line option that can be passed at startup, but I haven't been able to get that working so far.

Whatever route ends up being chosen, if >1 data file is recorded then I need them to be synchronized (assuming sampling rates are kept the same for the 2 pieces of hardware).


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Re: acquiring simultaneously from multiple DAQs

Post by mellinger » 11 May 2021, 09:57


this is not possible with BCI2000 standard components. Depending on the type of EMG unit, if it records EMG envelope at a low sampling rate rather than the full EMG signal at a high sampling rate, you could write a BCI2000 logger component that writes the EMG envelope data into the main BCI2000 data file.

Another approach is to use a logger component that logs the current EMG sample number into the the main BCI2000 data file, and writes EMG data into a separate file. Later, you will be able to synchronize EMG and EEG data using the EMG sample numbers stored with the EEG data. This approach has been implemented in the AudioExtension (/src/contrib/Extensions/AudioExtension) and the WebcamLogger (/src/contrib/Extensions/WebcamLogger).

Let me know if you have further questions,

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