how to see the impedance value

Known Issues and Problems with BCI2000
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how to see the impedance value

Post by jane1985 » 23 Jan 2011, 07:04

Dear all,

1 I use g.usbamp, how to see the impedance in BCI2000?
2 I set left masteird as reference and rigth masterid as ground, follow the
"Mu Rhythm BCI Tutorial", set F3 F4 T7 C3 Cz C4 T8 Pz as signal chcannels, notch is 58~62 Hz, but only Cz C4 T8 Pz have signal, others is full fill with noise or nothing. I don't know why the former 4 channels have nothing signals, they sees like sine wave.
please help me, thanks![/list]

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Post by gschalk » 23 Jan 2011, 19:36


1) Check ... gUSBampADC

2) Do you actually have the channels connected to electrodes that are placed in the listed locations, and are the electrodes connected to the scalp?



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