Problem accessing DT3003 Board

Known Issues and Problems with BCI2000
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Problem accessing DT3003 Board

Post by tharale » 01 Dec 2003, 21:12


I am running the P3speller module using the Data Translation Board DT3003.

I set the configuration using the file P3Speller_DTADC.prm and set the board name to DT3003.

And when I run the program, I get the following error:

12/1/2003 5:12:31 PM - BCI2000 started

12/1/2003 5:14:45 PM - Executing script after all modules connected ...

12/1/2003 5:14:45 PM - Could not open script file C:\data\Bci2000\src\test.scr ...

12/1/2003 5:14:48 PM - Operator set configuration

12/1/2003 5:14:48 PM - User Application confirmed new parameters ...

12/1/2003 5:14:48 PM - Signal Processing confirmed new parameters ...

12/1/2003 5:16:52 PM - C:\BCI\EEGsource\DTADC\DTADC.cpp, DTADC::Preflight: Could not start up data acquisition. Wrong board name?

12/1/2003 5:17:45 PM - Error in Source!

12/1/2003 5:17:53 PM - Error (re)configuring Source

Grateful for any hints on how to solve this problem.


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DT3003 board ...

Post by gschalk » 02 Dec 2003, 17:07

You need to tell BCI2000 which board it has to get the data from. Each Data Translation board has a name that can be changed with the Open Layers Control Panel that comes with the board. This name has to match the BCI2000 parameter BoardName in Section Source. Per default, BCI2000 is set to use board name "BCI_IN," so just change the board's name to this and it should work.


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Post by tharale » 02 Dec 2003, 22:38

Thanks a lot Gerv. It worked.



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