C++ Builder 2007 rel 2 - build errors

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C++ Builder 2007 rel 2 - build errors

Post by aarset » 22 Apr 2009, 12:05

We have received the C++ Builder 2007 rel 2 and performed a default install.

I checked out revision 2340 from the svn repository and opened the project. I noticed that each project was converted to compiler version 11. There have been previous BBS reports of compilation errors using this version; however, I believe that we have purchased the version recommended by the BCI2000 team.

We 'Build All' and create several executables.

However, in the ARSignalProcessing project, a simple include <math> in "MEMPredictor.h" generates the compiler error that it cannot find the <math> header file. Two other headers are #included before <math>; they are <numeric> and <limits> and do not generate this error although they all reside in the same /include directory.

The default include path is $(BDS)\include\Indy10. This directory does not contain the headers mentioned above. I added the root include to the include path; but it did not resolve the error.

Does anyone have a suggestion to correct the build error?

Thank You.

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C++ Builder 2007 rel 2 - build errors ... found workaround

Post by aarset » 22 Apr 2009, 13:20

I found a version from Feb17 '09; "MEMPredictor.h" did not have #include <math>

I commented out this line from current version; now it can't find fabs();

I browse the CodeGear tree, locate math.h and explicitly #include it with the following:

//#include <math>
#include "D:\Program Files\CodeGear\RAD Studio\5.0\include\math.h"

Now it builds!

Clearly the IDE needs modifications to the default paths to resolve these directives.
I still don't understand why a version from two months ago did not show the offending line.

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Post by jawilson » 23 Apr 2009, 10:54

There still seem to be some lingering issues between compiling with Borland 6 and Borland 2007. I have reverted the MEMPredictor.h file back to a previous version. The most current version of BCI2000 in SVN is 2342 now, so if you update again, this should fix the problem. We are still obviously having issues making sure things are compatible between versions, and things will invariably go wrong occasionally, so thanks for updating us.

Adam Wilson


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