BCI 2000 Matrix Menus

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BCI 2000 Matrix Menus

Post by EliGC » 03 Mar 2008, 12:41

Hello, im new to the BCI2000 software. I would like to ask you if you know why these kind of error appears when i have tried to use matrix menus (with the last version of BCI2000 v. 2.0).

Application: caught exception _STL::out_of_range (vector),
terminating module.

I used the batch P3_signal generator and i loaded the parameters InitialP3Session.prm, later i configured the submatrix like the example of P300 speller task and i changed the numer of rows and columns of the matrix like the help says. However, the error continues to appear.Thanks for your attention and your help,

Eliana Garcia Cossio
Student of Biomedical Engineering

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P3Speller bug?

Post by gschalk » 03 Mar 2008, 18:59


I tried the P3SignalGenerator with the InitialP3Session.prm and could not reproduce your problem even when I changed the # rows/columns. Can you please post the specific BCI2000 build (Help->About) and the exact steps to reproduce the issue?



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