Compatibility with custom EEG device

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Compatibility with custom EEG device

Post by fishcake » 04 Nov 2020, 02:26

Hi, I am curious that it is possible to use BCI 2000 using homemade EEG PCB board. Do you have any experience for that? 8)

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Re: Compatibility with custom EEG device

Post by mellinger » 06 Nov 2020, 15:24


BCI2000 already supports a couple of homemade/open designs: ... ModularEEG ... nBCISource ... BCI_Module

If you want to design your own EEG board, you will need to use some A/D component for interfacing with BCI2000. To read data from that A/D component, you will need to write a BCI2000 source module for which you may generate a template by running the program
after building BCI2000 from source: ... ng_BCI2000


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