listening on localhost:4000

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listening on localhost:4000

Post by foutay » 08 Jun 2016, 04:13

I used the version of BCI2000 downloaded from the link on may,2016.

when I run the CursorTask_SignalGenerator, an error message in the systen mog window show up saying that

2016-06-08T16:07:37 - Operator: Could not open socket for listening on localhost:4000
2016-06-08T16:07:37 - Script error: D:\ProgramFiles\BCI2000\BCI2000Setup\BCI2000\batch\CursorTask_SignalGenerator.bat, line 32: Could not start up system
So, I think this may be a bug of the latest version BCI2000Contrib.exe. Or I maybe have done someting wrong.
Please give some help.

all my best

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Re: listening on localhost:4000

Post by pbrunner » 08 Jun 2016, 10:02


there are three potential causes for this error message:

1) a firewall on your machine that blocks the BCI2000 modules to connect through UDP sockets. In this case disable the firewall or add enable the BCI2000 modules in the firewall.

2) BCI2000 is already running, or crashed previously and is still blocking the UDP sockets. In this case either kill the process in the task manager or restart your PC.

3) Another program is occupying UDP port 4000. In this case you need to check with netstat in the cmd to see which program that is and terminate it.

In addition I would recommend that you use the release candidate for v3.6. You can download it from the beta test forum.

Let me know if this resolves the issues that you are experiencing.

Regards, Peter

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Re: listening on localhost:4000

Post by lichangjun » 27 Sep 2016, 23:25

i also encountered this problem a few days ago ,and thanks for pbrunner's advice i solve this problem today.
when i solve the first and second of the "three potential causes ” the problem is still there .but when i solve the third potential cause ,the problem just gone.
here is my method to solve the third problem: ... 358b8.html

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