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Bundled .exe Applications Error

Posted: 09 Dec 2015, 09:52
by victor_uva
Hello everybody,

I have developed BCI applications with previous BCI2000 releases, but I am experiencing problems with the new ones running them in Windows 8.1.

I have downloaded via SVN the last BCI200 version (release 5158), and I have been able to successfully compile the source code with CMake 3.1.3 and Visual Studio 2012 Professional. However, when I tried to debug the P3Speller module, I realized that I cannot execute any .exe file.

The system gives me the following error:
"Cannot run Bundled Application: C:\Users\(...)\*.exe is not a valid application bundle".

I guess that the problem lies on the compiling process because I can execute "prog" .exes contained in the BCI2000 binaries...

¿Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Bundled .exe Applications Error

Posted: 09 Dec 2015, 10:12
by pbrunner

thanks for reporting this issue. The issue is related to the AppBundler not working properly yet with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 as described in a similar ticket [1]. The workaround is to disable the app bundles in the CMake tool. I would also like to direct your attention tot he BCI2000 beta phase, which provides pre-compiled binaries with and without bundled applications. If you could take some time and test this beta an report in the form below this would be greatly appreciated.

BCI2000 Beta Forum: ... 8315#p8315

Regards, Peter


Re: Bundled .exe Applications Error

Posted: 10 Dec 2015, 03:20
by victor_uva
Thank you for your quick reply.

I am going to try to disable those app bundles with the described workaround. I would like to test the beta phase, but I would need a BCI2000 v3.6 Beta Source Code (i.e., the "build" folder), because actually I am a developer, so I do not need the given binaries...


Edited: Still, I have just tested that beta release binaries. "BCI2000.x64" works perfectly, but "BCI2000.x64.bundled" gives exactly the same error dialog.

Re: Bundled .exe Applications Error

Posted: 10 Dec 2015, 13:43
by pbrunner

I have updated the instruction for the beta test to include the source code compilation. I am looking forward to hear back about any finding that you make. ... 8315#p8315

Regards, PEter

Re: Bundled .exe Applications Error

Posted: 11 Dec 2015, 03:54
by victor_uva
Thank you Peter!