probelms about data

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probelms about data

Post by john » 02 Jun 2015, 23:55

Greetings all

Does every .dat file can be analyzed by BCI2000 without relying on the experimental data of BCI2000 directly?If it is possible, how can it be done?

Thank you

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Re: probelms about data

Post by pbrunner » 03 Jun 2015, 10:51


I am not sure if I exactly understand your question, but you can analyze the BCI2000 data after the fact in MATALB. For this please use the load_bcidat mex function that is provided with BCI2000 [1]. In addition, you can replay data through BCI2000 [2].

Regards, Peter

[1] ... oad_bcidat
[2] ... lePlayback

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