Using the P3Speller together with a REFA TMSi Amplifier

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Using the P3Speller together with a REFA TMSi Amplifier

Post by roestzwiee » 10 Dec 2013, 06:12

Dear BCI2000 Forum and Users,

we tried using the BCI2000 P3Speller together with a REFA 8 Amplifier using the latest Source Code of BCI2000.

During compilation of the TMSI Signal SourceModule, we got an error about the DEVICE_INFO_PROPERTY Enum in Sadio.h, that forced us to rename 'ClassName' to 'ClassName1'.

Now the SourceModule compiled fine and we are able to start all the needed modules to run a P300 Spelling session.

Unfortunately we didn't found a highpass filter in the BCI2000 configuration and read to add it manualy.
So we added the SourceFilter to the CMake files with:
INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES( ${BCI2000_ROOT_DIR}/src/contrib/SignalSource/TMSi/TMSiSDK )


# Create the signal source module
Running the programm now, shows us, that the data acquisition is running quite normal (Signal Source Preview Window).

Now Starting the Spelling Session crashes the whole Application (freeze).

Did we do any illegal changes to the code?
When we don't include the SourceFilter the application runs fine, except, that we can't get a serious signal (not filtered).


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