Persistent Qt library issues?

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Persistent Qt library issues?

Post by bmyoung » 05 Dec 2013, 19:42


I have been attempting to install the most recent version of BCI2000 on a 32-bit Windows XP computer using VisualStudio2010 Express (with service pack 1 also installed). After dealing with some initial problems with being unable to find the Qt libraries (I guess there isn't an inbuilt/stripped-down BCI2000Qt library available for the most recent BCI2000 in combination with WindowsXP?), I downloaded and installed Qt 4.8.4 independently and modified the FindQt.cmake file to "SET( USE_STD_QT TRUE )" as suggested in an earlier thread (

I am able to run the appropriate .bat file and successfully (according to Visual Studio) build BCI2000 components. However, even though Visual Studio tells me that the builds are successful, when I attempt to launch some of the executables (e.g. BCILauncher.exe) I am told that an entry point cannot be found in QtCore4.dll. It seems that there may be some libraries that BCI is still unable to find?

(The issues I am having seem very similar to those encountered in this thread However, unlike the previous user I cannot solve them by switching to Visual Studio as I am already using VS2010.)

I do not think that this is likely to be an svn update issue, as all of the software that I have downloaded/installed/synced for this computer relating to BCI2000 has been within the past week.

I would greatly appreciate any advice on how to get the software up and running so that my executables will launch.


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