a minimal bci2000 structure: band-filter + send to matlab

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a minimal bci2000 structure: band-filter + send to matlab

Post by locombo » 26 Apr 2012, 13:22

Dear community and moderators,
we are developing an eeg biofeedback protocol based on matlab, which receives chunks of data from bci2000, with Ampserverpro to acquire data from an EGI 129 channels hydrocel net.
The protocol works, but there two improvements we can do: 1)add a source filter 2) get rid of un-used windows
At the moment we are using a set of bci modules based on a matlab demo application, which is however not used : we want to get rid of the red-ball moving on a black space from left to right.
We are not familiar with the c++ code, so maybe you can help us by providing the minimal set of things we need, and these are:
-acquire data with Ampserverpro
-add a band pass filter to the source ( at the moment we have a very bad noise all over the multiples of a low frequency, which can be seen in all electrodes (see the attached))
-spatial filter the data (we can do it from the GUI)
-send data to matlab (from here onwards we can arrange it)

It would be really helpful to get information on where to add things and where to delete un-used things.
Thank you a lot in advance
the 128 nets has one usable channel.png


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