Question about the P300 speller

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Question about the P300 speller

Post by majeed88 » 30 May 2010, 20:43


I am developing a P300 based Application.. and encountering some problems.

after reading the wiki pages , I was able to show/disable most of the windows in the visualize tab (configuration dialog), but I didn't find a way to change the P300 speller window to make it "always on top" using the configuration.

I want to ask how can I change the code to make the P300 speller window always on top ? (I don't have experience in C++).

and is it possible to disable the Application Log window ?

and how to make the operator window minimized once it opened ?

So the user can only see the P300 speller window... and no other window.

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Post by mellinger » 31 May 2010, 07:03


to avoid interference of the application window with operator windows, you should attach a second monitor to your computer. Then, move the operator windows on one monitor, and the application window onto the other.

The application window's position and size may be adjusted using the WindowLeft, WindowTop, WindowWidth, and WindowHeight parameters.

If you don't want to use a second monitor, you might consider clicking into the application window after pressing Start in the operator window.



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