How can the BCI2000 synchronize with Presentation softwave?

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How can the BCI2000 synchronize with Presentation softwave?

Post by jxie » 01 Apr 2010, 09:17

Here I want to how I can do to synchronize the BCI2000 software with the Neurobehavioral Systems Presentation software. Here the BCI2000 can be used for data acquisition and the Presentation software can be used for stimulus presentation. So how can the two software communicate with each other? Also how can the Presentation software transmit the stimulus event code to the BCI2000 software? Thank you for your kind help!

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Post by jawilson » 05 Apr 2010, 10:27

Probably the best way to do this is to use some type of stimulus detection hardware, such as:

The first is made by g.tec, and sells for ~$3600. The second is made by Cedrus, and sells for ~$800. Alternatively, if you are decent with circuits (i.e., have taken an EE Circuits 101 class...), you could build your own for less than $10. You can get a photodetector that converts the light input to an output voltage, and input that to a op-amp comparator that will output 0 or 5 V when the photodetector passes the input.

So, regardless of the stimulus detector chosen, you place the optical detector on the monitor where the stimulus will appear, and connect the output of the detector to the input of your EEG amplifier, either as an analog channel or a digital channel, depending on your specific amp. Then, you will have a perfectly time-locked event timestamp.

Also, what are you using the Presentation software for? Would you be able to use the BCI2000 Stimulus Presentation module instead, which is completely integrated with BCI2000?


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