Ideal Interface Specifications for Invoking P300?

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Ideal Interface Specifications for Invoking P300?

Post by K Mak » 02 Nov 2009, 09:06


I am currently working with a team to develop an environmental control interface using BCI2000 for the P300 wave, but are only in the initial conceptual design phase. We were hoping to gain some knowledge of ideal or standardized P300 speller interface specifications.

After consulting some sources, it was determined that a 3x3 or 4x4 matrix was ideal for our interface. However, we wish to know if there is an ideal size for the icons on the screen, or how much of the screen the matrix should take up with regards to the display area as a whole. In addition, we would also like to know if there is a standardized interval between the screen flashes and how long each row or column is lit up for.

Any assistance regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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Post by gschalk » 05 Nov 2009, 08:35


There have not been too many efforts to optimize P300 stimulation parameters. I suggest you check out what has been done:

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A comparison of classification techniques for the P300 speller - ► [PDF] - Dickerman Library Link
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A P300-based brain–computer interface for people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - ► [PDF] - Dickerman Library Link
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Toward enhanced P300 speller performance - ►
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A P300-based brain–computer interface: initial tests by ALS patients - ► [PDF] - Dickerman Library Link
EW Sellers, E Donchin - Clinical Neurophysiology, 2006 - Elsevier

I hope this helps.



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