StimulusPresentation values

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Marco Rotonda
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StimulusPresentation values

Post by Marco Rotonda » 09 Mar 2009, 07:25

Hi there,
actually I'm using a custom SignalProcessing module based on FiledTripBuffer.
In the example at ... rip_buffer the examples are based on Feedback Demo Task and the code "1" moves up, while "-1" moves down and "0" doesn't move at all.
I wish to know which codes expects and acts upon StimulusPresentation.
If something happen in FTB I wish to give a stimuls, otherwise another. Where are defined this codes? How I can setup this codes on BCI2000?



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StimulusPresentation ....

Post by gschalk » 09 Mar 2009, 20:48


At present the StimulusPresentation task simply presents stimuli in random or deterministic order as described on ... tationTask

What you basically have to do is to
1) set up all stimuli in StimulusPresentation
2) have the FTB compute whatever stimulus is to be presented, and stick the result in a particular state, e.g., ideally the existing StimulusCode state
3) change the code of StimulusPresentation so that it presents the stimulus defined in the StimulusCode rather than the next one in the sequence or the next random one

In order to do that, it seems to me that all you would have to do is to overwrite the

OnNextStimulusCode function with basically something like


or so. Please also see ... imulusCode

I hope this helps.



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