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Yueqing Li
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Audio P300 Speller

Post by Yueqing Li » 12 Aug 2008, 12:46


We are using BCI200 Version 1.0. and trying to do experiments with audio P300 Speller. We have designed a 1x9 matrix, for example: a b c d e f g h i. Then in the P3Speller tab, we checked the "Audio Stimuli Mode", and loaded the audio stimuli files for the rows and columns. The visual stimuli worked well. However, the system can not display all the audio files. In fact, only the row audio file and the first column audio file could be displayed. And they appeared not in the correct position. For example, the row audio file did not appear as the row flashed. It seems there is some mismatch there between the matrix displayed and the audio file.

We checked the configuration and it seemed nothing was wrong. Could you give me a help? Thank you very much.

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P3Speller ...

Post by gschalk » 12 Aug 2008, 19:57


BCI2000 v1.x is no longer supported. We strongly recommend upgrading to v2.0, which fixes a number of issues and bugs with v1.x. In case you discover a bug in v2.0, we will do our best to fix it. Also, please note that v2.0 is fully documented at There is also a conversion table that relates v1.0 parameter names to v2.0 parameter names if they changed with the versions. This documentation should facilitate your move to v2.0.



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