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Hank Janpol
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login problems

Post by Hank Janpol » 01 Feb 2008, 18:07

Hi, I have also been having some difficulty with the SVN login process in order to download the new 2.0 version of BCI2000. I am able to login succesfully here at this forum but am not getting past the authentication stage when trying to access the latest software download. Please help. Danke.

Hank Janpol

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Access Problems

Post by gschalk » 01 Feb 2008, 21:05


The access for the SVN/Wiki requires a different account than the BBS. Please try accessing the current binaries on http://bci2000.org/downloads/bin/BCI2000Setup.exe using the SVN credentials we sent me. If you forgot your credentials, please send an email to admin@bci2000.org. Thanks.



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