About Data acquired by non-compatible EEG machine

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Hwang Han-Jeong
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About Data acquired by non-compatible EEG machine

Post by Hwang Han-Jeong » 01 Nov 2007, 01:21

Hi `

I have got a account, thank you for your favor.

I have a question.
I don't have a compatible EEG machine for BCI2000.
(i.e. Neuroscan, Brain Vision, Micromed EEG Systems, Virtual Device...)

But, I have a another EEG machine which is machine of domestic company. After I acquire data through my EEG machine, I wonder whether I analysis data using BCI2000.

And If I acquire EEG data using compatible EEG machine for BCI2000,
I'd like to analysis this data(Not real-time). Is it possible??

I have read tutorial,but I don't found it.

Thank yoy~

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non-compatible EEG device

Post by gschalk » 01 Nov 2007, 21:57

Hwang Han-Jeong,

BCI2000 is really meant to be a real-time system. While there are ways to use it for analyzing data offline, you would have to write a filter so that it can read the data of your particular device. In either case, if all you want to do is to analyze data offline, I would recommend one of the offline analysis packages for Matlab, such as the excellent EEGlab, for this purpose.

I hope this helps.



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