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Yueqing Li
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Mario visual tool question

Post by Yueqing Li » 21 Aug 2007, 18:32

Dr. Schalk,
We were attempting to follow the steps that you provided Dr. Nam regarding the Screen.exe application today. The parameter configurations seemed to work very well, and we were clearly able to identify artifacts such as jaw clenching and eye blinking.

After a trial of Screen.exe, we were attempting to use Mario v1.5 in order to identify "strong" channels. However, we were unable to use Mario because of the following error: "This application has failed to start because mclmcrrt76.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

I'm not really sure how to "re-install" this application. Furthermore, when we googled that particular dll file, we found that it was associated with Matlab?!?! Anyways, what are your thoughts? Would it be possible for you to send us that dll file to see if that would remedy the problem?

Thank you for your reply 8)

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Re: Issues

Post by gschalk » 22 Aug 2007, 22:18


Regarding questions about Mario, please contact Febo Cincotti <> directly. Thanks.

I am a little confused about your other questions. You mention that you are using the Screen.exe program, which I had never mentioned before, and which was also not used in the BCI2000 workshop. Also, what do you mean by the "strongest" channels? I had sent you a description about how to identify the P300 signal, and how to configure BCI2000 for it. Is this what you mean?

We should probably have a phone conference about these questions. I will be available in my office on Friday (will be out tomorrow).


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Post by marian » 13 Sep 2007, 14:52

I guess that error is because you don't have the matlab environment. we had the same error, and after setting up matlab environment, that error was solved...

try installing matlab environment...


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