about electrode location file

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Yueqing Li
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about electrode location file

Post by Yueqing Li » 13 Aug 2007, 01:14

Hi, Dr. Schalk:

1. In BCI\tools\Analysis\P3, there are two electrode location file, eloc16 and eloc64. It seems clear that the first colum is the number of the channel, and the last column is the name of the position in the EEG cap. Then what is the meaning of the second and third channel?

2. In the file "eloc16" and "eloc64", do the "16" and "64" mean the number of channels of EEG cap, or the number of channels of the signal processing?
Since our EEG cap has 65 channels (it is g.tec) and our USBamp (it is also g.tec) has 16 channels, how many channels should we have in our own electrode location file?

Thank you very much.


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electrodes ...

Post by gschalk » 13 Aug 2007, 13:45


The other values are the position of the electrode in polar coordinates. I will send you a 16 channel montage file in an email. If you use the same montage, you can use the eloc16.txt file.


Hank Janpol
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16 channel EEG

Post by Hank Janpol » 03 Sep 2007, 12:51

Aloha Gerv,

Can you also send me a copy of that 16 channel montage file?

Thank you. Hank


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