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Yueqing Li
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p300 speller

Post by Yueqing Li » 14 Jun 2007, 21:34

Hi, Dr. Schalk:

Thank you very much for your prompt replies 8) !
We have two new problems about P300 speller.

1. We have followed the document (P300 Signal Acquisition and Analysis using Mario) closely. But every time we run the P300 speller, the letter 'A'
appears for each letter we want to spell. For example, if we try to spell 'hi', the result is 'AA'.
2. We want to know how to control the flashing speed of the P300 speller.
We want to slow the flashing speed for our subject, but we do not know which variable is responsible.

Thank you.

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Re: P3Speller problems ...

Post by gschalk » 20 Jun 2007, 11:53


1) Can you please send me a data file that contains P300 data? I will be glad to take a look at it to find out what the problem is.

2) This is defined by the variables OnTime and OffTime. Please see the P3Speller documentation in BCI2000/src/Documentation/P3Speller

I hope this helps.



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