Using BCI2000 to combine Python and MATLAB

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Using BCI2000 to combine Python and MATLAB

Post by zahraonbci2000 » 16 Feb 2021, 04:56

I am new to BCI2000 and I am about to start a project in which the "visual stimulus presentation" and the "data processing" scripts are written in MATLAB and the communication with the eye tracking device happens in Python.
All of these need to happen simultaneously.
Am I right to think that BCI2000 provides a platform for me to be able to run these scritps on their own language at the same time, without the need to convert one into another?
If yes, how?
If not, do you know of any platfrom suitable for this purpose?
Thank you!

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Re: Using BCI2000 to combine Python and MATLAB

Post by mellinger » 19 Feb 2021, 14:26

In principle, this is possible. BCI2000 comes with a MatlabSignalProcessing component that allows you to feed EEG data into a Matlab script, however be aware that the Matlab script needs to be able to process chunks of data in sequence, rather than an entire session as is typically the case. For further information about the MatlabSignalProcessing component, see this wiki page: ... tlabFilter

Also, BCI2000 has a telnet interface that allows to control it, and to write event information in close-to-real time. Your python script would need to be adapted so it connects to the Operator module's telnet port, and writes event data into it. For more information about the BCI2000 telnet interface, see ... _Scripting

All this is relatively complex, so it is easier for me to guide you when you give more information, rather than explaining everything at once.


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