Using BCI2000 with Unicorn BCI

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Using BCI2000 with Unicorn BCI

Post by GiuseppeG » 26 Sep 2019, 05:57


I am trying to set up a P300 session on BCI2000 with the Unicorn BCI.

I have tried to stream the Unicorn data through an LSL stream but the LSL source module of BCI2000 seems does not recognize the LSL stream.

So I would ask if there is a particular developed module to interface the Unicorn BCI to BCI2000, or there is a particular way to let BCI2000 recognize the LSL stream.

Thank you.

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Re: Using BCI2000 with Unicorn BCI

Post by madamek » 08 Oct 2019, 13:29


Instead of using LSL, you might want to try the BCI 2000 Unicorn module.
BCI2000 Wiki link: ... UnicornADC
It should be compiled by default and can be started via gUnicornADC with the batch file.
If you can't find it try to update your SVN and recompile BCI2000.


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