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Pybindings or app connector

Posted: 29 Oct 2015, 13:50
by jburnison
Hi there, I am developing a P300 BCI but have a python application to present stimulus.
For training trials I'd need to have the python program set StimulusCode and StimulusType so I can use the P300 classifier SWLDA just like the speller would. Today I discovered the Python bindings for the BCI2000Remote class and am wondering if this or somehow the App Connector would allow me to set these Stimulus state variables during presentation...

I tried putting the and BCI2000RemoteLib.dll file into a folder on the PYTHONPATH and running the example code from. ... onBindings

I keep getting 'WindowsError: [Error 193] %1 is not a valid Win32 application. '
from line 365 " self._handle = _dlopen(self._name, mode)"

I'm running python 2.7.10 on windows 7 64bit? I'm also running 64bit BCI2000 R5007 but it isn't running when I get this error. I'm just trying to execute from a comand window or from ipython interpreter and get the same error. Any ideas on this?

Notes on me *I have written C++ in the distant past but compiling it or BCI2000 modules is not something I am capable of at this point or willing to delve into.

Re: Pybindings or app connector

Posted: 29 Oct 2015, 18:36
by jburnison
Update[installing and running from 64-bit python seemed to fix this particular error]