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Adding new parameter items

Posted: 02 Dec 2014, 11:02
by Jianjunmeng
Recently I met a problem about adding new parameter items in application when developing a new application. I want to add some new items in the parameter menu of application, e.g. Origin (x, y ,z). I want to parse these values and use them in the OnInitialize() and DoFeedback(). My question is how can I parse it? Should I add something like ----Parameter( "StimulusDuration" ).InBlocks();---- here it should be -Parameter( "CenterPoint" ).Incentimeter();--- Incentimeter()? How can I do that? I want parse these values to be float number and How can I realize this? Thanks a lot for your help.

"Application:Cursor floatlist CursorPos= 3 50 50 50 % % "
" // cursor starting position",
"Application:Origin floatlist CenterPoint= 3 24.3 16.6 38.5 % % "
" // The center point for the application in its own coordinate",