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error while creating a subject-specific parameter file

Posted: 26 May 2014, 04:33
by nitturis
I come across the following error after I try to set the free speller configuration for subject specific parameter file, 'Linear Classifier::Preflight:Specification in physical
units:Classifier(4,input element(bin))=287.1 does not exactly meet a single element'
I am working with gMOBIlab plus and followed the instructions mentioned in 'User Tutorial:Obtaining P300 Parameters in a Calibration Session'
I am unsure with the values that are to be specified in the classifier matrix, which I feel the reason for error.
1. Should I specify the name of the channel as Cz etc or with number in the first column
2. In the second column where the time of the best classification must be specified with the units 'ms', I want know to range of the values.

Kindly help me with this regards.