Strange behaviour of cursor in CursorTask

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Strange behaviour of cursor in CursorTask

Post by pipsquick » 15 Apr 2014, 10:53


I recently started working on a project that uses BCI2000 for the 2D control of the cursor on the screen (the CursorTask) and Matlab for further analysis. In order to do some statistical analysis I started looking at the cursor movements in states.CursorPosX and found out some things that seemed strange to me.

The cursor moves from left to right, the user has control over Y axis movement, X axis supposedly shall move with regular steps. I looked at states.CursorPosX(Y/Z) and found out that:

1) Even though the movement is 2D, Z is not filled with 0, as I would have expected. It makes a jump from 0 to some number and pends there. What does it mean? Why this happens? Does it have any influence on anything?

2) CursorPosX contains the coordinates of cursor on X axis movement. I calculated the steps from it like a[i+1]-a and found out that the steps are different, although not as different as in the controlled Y case. I didn't expect this at all, does that mean that my control over Y somehow influences the X automatic movement?

Additional question that I have: I know that ResultCode registers the event of hitting the target. I can found out the time, when this event is registered, but I can't see the coordinates on the screen when this happens. Can I find then out somehow?

I would be very grateful for any answer, advice or idea!


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