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Post by gliber » 14 Mar 2014, 10:29


I need to put in communication BCI2000 with an external app by using SMRs.

The app can receive Key Strokes.

I would like to achieve this, first with the Cursor Task and then just by using the AppConnector.
I have some problems in understanding how it works.

I have two scenarios.

1) Let's say my App has an event every time an S is pressed.
I would like to associate this event to every time a Target is hit by the ball.
I tried to study the Wiki, but I don't understand how this would be.
In the parameter configuration I only see KeyStrokeNames.

2) Let's say I want now to control the stroking of the S with variation in the SMRs.
Instead of waiting for the ball to reach the target, I just want the S as soon as the subject reaches a certain threshold.
What would it be in this case?



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