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BCI BAsics

Post by Sri_usw » 15 Feb 2014, 18:35

I am sri. I just started to work with BCI2000. I used Signal Generator ,FFT Signal Processing and Dummy Application. I have set the sine frequency as 100Hz in Signal Generator(source module) and only 4 channels in transmitted channel list. When I run the application, its running fine but when I applied the low pass filter of 30Hz still I am able to see 100Hz frequency in the frequency domain. can you please clarify me why its happening?

ii)I have and emotiv research sdk headset . I have acquired a motor imagery dataset and would like to observe the frequencies (analyse) in certain channels. Since its an offline analysis, do I need to use offline analysis module of BCI2000 which is analyzing the signal in matlab. or is it possible to analyse in BCI2000 without using source module.

iii)I configured emotiv source module using the contrib:emotiv on wiki and set the parameters as specified. I am not finding certain options I found in Signal generator source module such as spatial filter, instead spatial filter im finding expression filter.What to do with this? If I open cursor task parameter file and change it to according Emotiv contrib and save it. Using the batch file if I open the emotiv, I am still finding the same thing??



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